Alzheimer’s report

Aduhelm is an I.V. infusion of embryonic plasma cell that won approval with the unanimous decision in opposition by FDA advisory committee and it states prion as action. Alzheimer disease is in the brain. The specific protein that causes Alzheimer are Amyloid plaques that build up after an enzyme reaction where its remainders fold in on themselves and Aduhelm claims to unfold these proteins. These amyloid are hydrophobic and collection is a result of cholesterol not being recycled effectively thoughout the CNS. The liver X receptor agonist 24(S)-Hydroxycholesterol  has been shown to help recycle CNS cholesterol along with T0901317. Both cerebrosterol and T0901317 are nonsteroidal LXR ligands and synthesized by local labs across the nation. LXR ligand help improve CNS  cholesterol homeostasis.

Resveratrol is found in the redgrape is an antioxidant. It forms a hydrogen bond with amino acid residue off proteins and is called an antioxidant because its attracted to free radicals and neutralizes the valence that can damage living tissues. Rifampicin is made by a specific bacterium and has success as an antibiotic inhibiting RNA polymerase that body foergin bacteria causes. Rifampicin in an article at states that it is used in combination with Resveratrol to reduce the side effects of the latter. This type of combination in pharmachology is called drug repositioning. Although according what I think I am reading both independantly have has successes in medicen.

    What I am finding most interesting is that the free radicals are proteins where the charge is not balanced. This charge causes proteins to fold and this folding has been in discussion only by computers doing computations. Originally set forth as a hobby for mathematicians and physicists interested in origami art. Biohacking prion action vicariously through embryonic plasma cells sounds suspicious. All the statistically relevant evidence points directly to cholesterol. Not that the cholesterol is at fault, but in how the level of lipids in this definitely segregated system of the human body can lose control of its own homeostasis creating turmoil in this confined and subtle environment of our physiology. Trace that route and you are going to be as disappointed as me. Efforts to ‘care take’ Alzheimers Disease are more poplular than ever and will provide employment for thousands of people through the Universites and all while the prevention is calso called ‘education’. Please visit The University of Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center which provides informtion every semester to potential students who want this ‘education’.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services : IEA Stakeholder Briefing: ASPE National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease | January 5, 2022


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