The project ‘Any body?’ will be available August 17th, 2022 at 04:30pm est. At this time and into the future you may mint a unique ‘No body. #0-333’. Additionally, I will be releasing 2 (two) more Tokenized Digital Products (NFT) in the comeing weeks, hopefully. Both will be based on the same original acrylic painting ‘Zapotec’ and have visual effects that span a timeframe and seamlessly loop. The ultimate NFT will be titled ‘Zapotec X Huichol’ and will have the original music composition as accompaniment plus VisualFX embellishments. That ultimate form is synchronized throughout the 03:12 of the record. These digital assets are further extensions of my traditional paintings and music production. They are only capable of being experienced using computational apparati. Your Virtually Simulated Experience with Meta, SteamVR, etc. will truly come alive in a way not possible by just listening to MP3’s or viewing paintings in person.

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