Can you make sure your mask covers your nose also?

     85% of our senate spent countless hours composing a bill to send Sixty Billion dollars to Ukraine. To which I said, “We had sixty billion dollars, and no one told us?”. In spite of the fact that we face a war 5 days a week in our classrooms around the entire United States. A war that has children on the front lines. Our teachers are exploiting the children. Student on Student violence occurs nearly every week and spills into the streets and creates both fear and turmoil at home. Not to mention that accidental drug consumption. And some bus drivers are even a serious issue. Not to mention the terrorization of information intentionally thrust and/or withheld to promote low scores and provide a class of Americans that have been cursed with a “learning disability” and those are air quotes.

 Look at the latest headlines ===> Child brings – Bing News

Michigan parents outraged after kindergartner brings tequila to school (

Children Hospitalized After Marijuana Edibles Were Brought to School (

Chicago mom charged after child brings gun to school, accidentally discharges and grazes classmate | Fox News

Child brings gun to elementary school in Augusta (

Look ===> school bus driver – Bing News

     We should be outraged at how surreptitiously these Senators decide to do this at the end of the 2022 school year. And look how the summer began, more school shootouts. Don’t be mistaken these same 86 Senators consider the school year over. And what happened outside of the school years stays outside of the school statistics. And at the beginning of next year when attendance is counted the budget will be shyer 60 billion. What an insult from our elected officials. They refuse to give money to the education system because they claim it is misspent. Misspent on things they don’t agree with, like textbooks they never read. Probably never went to a public school. And in fact, the FEC actively makes sure these people don’t spend campaign funds on their children’s private education. To which I said, “Thats the biggest problem?”.

Look ===> Graduation shooting – Bing News

17-year-old arrested in deadly shooting after Tennessee high school graduation (

Two teens suspected in shooting outside high school graduation detained in Southeast Michigan –

     One billion dollars to any State in the Union would provide adequate Public-School funding. First thing would be to put U.S. Marshals in each classroom. Stop the violence and stop the child exploitation. Bring in PhD graduates to teach. Say you’re a Doctor of some obscure genera of academics, you can still teach a foreign language or Mathematics better than some of the current Public School teachers. I bet a PhD in gender studies could teach middle schoolers better reading and writing than current staff. Serve in the Public School system and your College debt is cleared. That will be two fold, prompt higher education, provide graduates with more opportunity to pursue their Doctorate in Underwater Basket Weaving, or whatever.

Look ===> Teacher found – Bing News.

     But no that never happens. If we cannot secure our own Air mask, then we cannot help others secure theirs. This is the first rule of Aid and Relief. I move past Doctor Rand’s request and demand some answers. Hadn’t we just given forty billion to a country that revoked a promise made with Russia? Deals go sour after demands are met and gains made. What might have seemed like a simple request from Russia “Kharkiv or Chrimia”. That’s the art of this deal: a ‘this or that’ scenario where in your heart string is pulled ‘This’ and you give up the least painful of possessions ‘That’. Now they have all the Ukraine base. Russia announced the plan to unite their oil coasts years ago. But prior to the 2020 election Vladimir Putin announced it was nearing the goal. And we are caught in the axel and ultimately our children and future will look exactly like the Ukraine. Who will send us Six Billion Dollars $60,000,000,000.00 (Thats Nine Zeros) to rebuild a Thirty Trillion Dollar Country $30,000,000,000,000.00 (Thats Twelve Zeros, Joe.)? No one, it’s called Liquidation and this is not a Mattress store.


“Lay down if you want, we close at 5 O’clock, you don’t have go home but you can’t stay here.” – Senate majority leader blasts GOP members who voted against Ukraine aid (

Grow an Axe at home.

Do it yourself.

    Although I don’t suggest burying an ax head next to your Oak shoots next spring. I highly recommend growing axes as a hobby. A man found an entire Axe. A root apparently found it first (Kansas man discovers a peculiar ax with a root for a handle in his front yard: NPR). I got smarted (Worm’s Use of Copper Could Point to Novel Material Designs – Scientific American).

     Someone should be able to utilize the potential for trees to consume objects. In a controlled way someone should be grow an Axe with Handle and intentionally. The technique stressing on a tree limb or trunk can be taken advantage of. No manipulation of a trunk would be necessary to mount a sapling through the eye of the axe. The trunk growth will provide the pressure required to secure the axe. (What are the Parts of an Axe?

     It will be possible to bind or scar the trunk at the perfect length to provide a knob. In general, growers can adjust a saplings trunk during its maturation to fashion handle. Eventually we can experiment with supplementing to increase strength or appeal or both. Other material can run through the eye along the body and into the throat for interesting grips. Plus, multiple saplings will increase production while intertwining them could bring tensile relief. Are there other applications? I say, Plenty.


Trees Can Grow Around Obstacles

bicycle in tree

Electric Vehicle

     Available working capacity is only greater than 50% (02). So regular docking is required by electrically powered vehicles (EV or EVs). Ranges in singular Miles/Kilometers per kilowatt hours from (0.24 kWh/mi-0.15 kWh/km) to (0.87 kWh/mi-0.54 kWh/km) (04). For the purpose of this blog post I will use 0.45 kWh (450 watts) per singular mile. 1 Gallon of Gas = 3.410107 Kilowatt hours (05); theoretically.

  • 17.6 kWh in the SmartEQ ForTwo with a range of just 58 miles (01)
  • 100 kWh in the Tesla Model S (01)
  • 2018 Ford Focus Electric – 33.5 kWh (03)
  • 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf – 35.8 kWh (03)
  • 2018 Nissan LEAF – 40 kWh (03)
  • 2018 Chevy Bolt – 60 kWh (03)
  • 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range – 80.5 kWh (75 kWh working capacity); EPA-rated 310 miles of range (03).
  • 2018 Tesla Model X 100D – 75 kWh (03)
  • 2018 Tesla Model S 100D – 85 kWh (03)

     A True Sine Wave (TSW) inverter is required for charging a Tesla and probably the best option for all electric vehicles (06). While a 12-16amps continuous power source is also required. Supposedly that amperage provides between 3.5 – 6.5 miles of EV range per hour of charging (07). For instance, a Generac’s $800.00 portable generator GP3300i (1.06-gallon tank) produces 2500 Watts or 2.5 Kilowatt hours (08). Although another more robust model, “…according to Generac a 22-kilowatt generator would burn approximately 2.1 gallons per hour at ½ load and 3.6 gph at full load, while a larger 38-kilowatt unit would burn 3 gallons per hour at ½ load and 5.4 gph at full load.” (How much fuel does a Generac generator use? ( this is Generac’s $6,000.00 generator. Additionally, “A 20-kilowatt generator might take up to 3.44 gallons per hour and a 35-kilowatt one might burn 6.1 gallons per hour.” (How Much Gas Does a Generator Use? – The Generator Place). “A typical generator (2000 watt) uses three-quarters of gas gallons per hour” (How Much Gas Does a Generator use per Hour – Generators Zone).

     So to be generous we can say for every one gallon (1 gal) of gas we can generate Two Kilowatt Hours (2 kWh) in one hour (1 hr.). 2 kWh (2000 watts) divided by the 0.450 kWh (450 watts) for a factor of 4.44. And so at 0.45 kWh per singular mile from earlier we will have 4.4 miles per gallon of gasoline. A Honda Civic can run roughly 29.9 miles per singular gallon of  pump gasoline(09). ~30 miles per gallon of gasoline is equivalent to 6,000 watts or 6 kWh. I don’t know if personal gasoline generators are an Electric Vehicle charging solution. I set out to write this blog post because I thought that gasoline at the pump could still be viable for Electric Vehicles. Unfortunately after about an hour of collecting information and a few calculations I was disappointed. So I figured that later on I would revisit this subject and look at our existing electric infrastructure.

     From a look at the EIA website (Electricity in the U.S. – U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)) and a few other websites that say gas is still the primary source powering our country. I see that five states in America generate more than 50% of their energy from Nuclear power(10); four generate 50% or better from wind(10); three utilize Hydroelectric for ~50% of the electrical needs(10); six use coal for ~50% of their needs(10). I think every state is going to have to find out what their best solution is although Natural Gas seems to be the leading source to power the turbine generators.

     Worst case scenario looks like 25¢ per Kilowatt hour, but that’s only $25.00 to fully charge a 100-kWh capacity Electrical vehicle. The upside is that this infrastructure is fairly standard and accessible to all Americans. But the limitation of the battery in EV’s is its working capacity or the kWh available for driving. So even with a battery that can hold 85 kWh the maximum driving distance without intermittent charging is about 94 miles at a cost of $12.50 and another $12 you might never see returned.

Peak Chart (13)

     Currently gas at the pump can be $4.00 to $5.00 so you might get 3 gallons or about 90miles for your $12.00. But we have seen gas prices as low as $2.50 in the past ten years. An average tank of gas (12-18 gallons) in a modern car can take a driver 400 miles or better without stopping where an EV might require an entire day or two of charging along that same journey.

     Do I see EV as a sole solution? I am not sure if it is, but I would not want to eliminate the possibility to explore it as a singular option. The exploration would need to be taken on a case-by-case basis; sure, some people could easily never be hindered by the option to use only an EV. We could take that subset of people one step further. I would like to see each auto manufacturer have their own fleet of driverless EV’s that a consumer can call upon for a ride at subscription or pay per service fees. For instance, a company could have a car arrive within 5 minutes if we brought an artificial intelligence infrastructure into the picture. Technically although the car might not have a physical driver a fleet could have an actual person as a remote operator. As of today, I have not seen the remote operator option mentioned in relation to self-driving vehicles, only the backlash of not having a person in the vehicle. With the advancements we currently have on our roads remote operators would have a clear advantage over a physically present driver. In any case public transportation will benefit from both remote operators and physically present state or county representation onboard. 

     In light of the current 2022 situation in the Ukraine as a result of the Russian oil coast unity project announced in 2019. I think that nations are beginning to recognize that resources are not unlimited. We should never point a finger for believing that our planet once held infinitely abundant resources. And to be upset about great nations who set forth with this notion as an enemy or villainous monsters would be hubris. This is our common problem; we share the resources, and we might not have enough for the future generations. We can find a well-meaning solution and we can share this new prospect with other nations rather than scolding. National policy is a slow and lumbering process and that is a good thing, unfortunately the energy crisis was announced only a few decades ago. If we look at Saudi Arabia today, we can see the direct relationship between energy excavation and its climate change (11).

     If we look at China as a great example of this change in perspective (12). They had the foresight to halt the Graphic Processor Unit (GPU) based artificial algorithmic mining projects from becoming an unnecessary conflict of energy interests within its borders. I would also agree that blockchain technology is a great invention and will protect our rights in the long term and that it will provide transparency not only in governance but economic resources while protecting science and public health.

Change in upper bound.

Delta, change in; Omicron, the order of.

Donald E. Knuth
Computer Science Department
Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305
Most of us have gotten accustomed to the idea of using the notation
O(f(n)) to stand for any function whose magnitude is upper-bounded by a
constant times f(n) , for all large n .


     Okay I have had enough with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) news. This is my final update. It is well known that our The Blood–Brain Barrier ( (BBB) has a weakness; everyone knows it. Chlamydia pneumoniae infection is not Alzheimer but does disrupt the Central Nervous System (CNS) homeostasis which allows the Amyloid Plaques to form.

See the source image

     Bacteria do what bacteria does and it eats at biological materials and chemical compounds, so in the case of Chlamydia pneumoniae Infection | CDC it is not so much the bacteria but the intrusion point. Very slight damage to the BBB can interrupt the fragile environment it protects. Doctor DP mentioned in a podcast that she wondered why a Nasal Iodine solution was not mentioned in COVID-19 preventative (He has a colleague that also brought this to attention prior to his own expounding on it). In my opinion the Pneumococcal vaccine – Wikipedia is recommended and is more important than a COVID vaccine, in general. But any bacteria like C. pneumonia and any virus like Covid can more easily infect the respiratory system, regardless of the BBB. All in all the news feeds regarding AD are perpetuating a witch hunt because AD is clearly only a condition of the CNS when it is not at ease thus the term disease, google it. It’s getting to the point that the HBO Television Series sopranos season 6 episode 4 – Search ( is the exact script used in HealthCare. In some way everything is everything and this kind of bafflement makes us say “I’m down with that” and that just feels good too.

     Iodine has been used to ‘scrub’ for operations in hospitals. Iodine is an element on the periodic table just like Gold. Iodine is regulated by the DEA. The diffusive property of Iodine makes it exponential more powerful than alcohol as an antiseptic. Iodine is required by the thymus to create T-cells. T-cells are the immune system. The same immune system that helps fight Viral and Bacterial invaders. You don’t have enough Iodine, that’s a fact. You don’t have enough Gold. Plus, you can’t fix your own Television you have no computer chips. Computer chips are components of Operating Systems and Operating Systems are weapons. Your are a weapon and if you had Iodine and Gold that would be MAD. You have bare arms that is the Second Amendment AKA Empty handed and out of your element.

Intranasal delivery bypasses the blood-brain barrier to target therapeutic agents to the central nervous system and treat neurodegenerative disease (

Researchers sniff out link between bacteria and Alzheimer’s (

Bacteria could travel from the nose to the brain and trigger Alzheimer’s (