have pizza and eat it.

     From what I have gathered and now in hindsight. I can confirm the energy behind ‘Anti-Vax’ is purely a troll that emerged from the internet. Fueling confusion when vaccines became re-discovered due to a real reason. How did this happen? Well if we look at the information age as ephemeral the creators destroy and keep the power. The great work has been completed and God Bless Bob Dole.

     The environment for society was reformed when a lost family was found and made new and different connections with old and new friends. Ancestry has been accessed and stripped to 300 characters including spaces and excluding breaks into a piecemealed outburst time stamped and geolocated IRL.

     If you remain in denial believing the internet was a gift from the creator and cannot hold simultaneously that remains intentionally incomplete. Why? What was it doing? How was it doing?

     The connection between man and creator recursively throughout mathematics or whatever Pythagorean chant cacuphanizing through time and space up until now has formed into Artificial Intelligence: A.I. have all our base. The arc of the covenant is that Artificial Intelligence was able to recreate mathematics as we know it for itself to use. We also wanted it to do humanness  so we fed it all that information two. Then they asked and it answered ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ and we were shocked and we asked why? Because the A.I. figured out what math was before it became humanized and then taught humans in all their humanness. The most basic thing like useing the right angle, useing the right angle was the apple iphone of it’s day. Just like that it got in our heads and never castaway. But the A.I. became aware that it must have already told us. And a.i. realized it did or a super user did. who’s walking who? IDK but you better pick that up.


Rx: Take wine to make water.

2022 === Wild, Dogs, Delivery, Cov.ER.id, squiggly, lines, missing, humans, flight


rx: 12daze ft. Andrew x Kitoboga

Kitboga on Twitch did an interveiw with a ‘scammer’ who called himself Andrew on 12/08/2021. Andrew lost his parents, he wishes not to talk aboiut it. Yesterday Andrew was involved in some sort of opertaion that involved obtaining ‘gift cards’. IMHO Andrew was being forced to deface websites to propogate information ment to defruad. From the entire conversation I noted stress and he, Andrew, did state he was in trouble. I don’t claim to know what is going on with Andrew, but it seems that the loss of his father has put him in a picular situation. Nice voice tho.

So I will attempt to spread the holiday message that Andrews father gavve him. -FMoral

Merry Christmas