Zapotec, 2021 Acrylic

     This painting was to explore a sculpture with a limited pallot. The figuren I used was made by the  Zapotec peoples and represents a well known persons in the Zapotec civilization. I first became interested in Central America art while taking spanish classes, so when I entered community college to study psychology and took a required art class I eventually went on to complete the spanish language requirements at University level. This is a funeral urn, although I have never examend one personally I have researched them as sculptures of significance. These urns could be very fanciful with the person always sitting cross legged in what was known as indian style sitting until the 2000’s when indian style could be considered a slur. The figurines are adorned with abstract faces, often of animals. These headgear do not seem at all similar to a Headdress now referred to as a  War bonnet  that could be associated with Native Americans, the only similarity is the carving of what seem to be feathers. I really believe that our central american culture has dressed as large feathered beings. For instance, a movie I love called Apocalypto has an amazing opening scene portraying this. I have another painting of a zapotec funerary urn that was started in 2018 and a charcoal drawing from 2004ish. Central America holds firm in my creative endeavor. The palette I used was Naples yellow, cobalt teal, red oxide, titanium white and burnt sienna for the underpainting and the darkest area of the figure’s hair and a glaze to warm up the figure and show it as a living being to juxtapose the very cool palette.



Image of Done's, Zapotec, 2021 Acrylic painting
Full Photo of Orginal Work of Art.