Adam Done, Vomit 2016 Demo Tape.

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01.09.2016.DirectlyFromTheTop.mp3 MP3 3.664 MB
01.28.2017.Peyote.WeGoUp.mp3 MP3 3.733 MB
06.12.2016(somthingsmoov)TheOasis.mp3 MP3 2.386 MB
09.01.2016(mescal).mp3 MP3 3.355 MB
09.14.2016.IntoTheAbyss.mp3 MP3 1.495 MB
09.16.2016.LincolnMusic.mp3 MP3 1.717 MB
10.22.2016.Undocumented.VerseOne.mp3 MP3 1.828 MB
10.27.2016-ThinkAboutDeath.mp3 MP3 1.547 MB
11.11.2016.BibleBeansAndBulletBlues.mp3 MP3 2.482 MB
11.17.2016.StrongHold.mp3 MP3 1.285 MB
11.21.2016..mp3 MP3 1.306 MB
11.30.2016.ThatsRight.mp3 MP3 1.383 MB
112.19.2016.WakeUpHuman.mp3 MP3 3.670 MB
12.02.2016.Tripping through the back side of my mind.mp3 MP3 1.310 MB
12.05.2016.SodaPop.Adam.Done..mp3 MP3 3.454 MB
Done,Vomit,2017,Watercolor,digital.jpg JPG 277.040 KB
VOMIT.m3u M3U 451 Byte
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     In 2016 I began to experiment with the addition of lyrics to my music production. Results may vary so I used the rhyming method to express what I felt like my music was saying. Using the most basic element that makes up a Hip-Hop record the “rhythmic backing track.” As an artist I never set out to do anything more than make a collegiate effort to attract an audience into accepting my point. The lyrics encompass the 33 years of life as an American of Polish and Assyrian descent that remained local over the 100 years since fleeing the genocides of the former and latter peoples on their respective land.

     Often frightened as anyone should be of the modern day and the exploitation of knowledge and the systemic obfuscation of it to the proletariat. As the Artist I Implement the methods of which have been hidden by testing at Wayne State University to earn a Bachelors of Science in Psychology where I began to focus on Perception. I prepare to be thoroughly academic in the myth I pose in my work, because I studied under a Doctor in Philosophy during the institutionalization of education.

     All the tracks are demos of the songs I use to do the entertainment performance meaning the tracks are never mastered, only captured. The current vocal expressions  of these songs are dramatically different from my initial proofing of the beat and lyrics. Anyone can purchase these raw demos to show support.

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